~The history of Love4Colors~

Once upon a time... no really

I found my way to the internet in the year 2001. I never was a computer nerd... until I discovered I could draw with it!

It all started at a baby community, Babyfriends.se. I found my way there thrue a friend of mine who had got some space for her lil girl. Soon I had got my son his space to. This is where I really discovered the internet. First I chased around for tubes everywhere, and made graphics with them. I opened up a site called "Cheris grafik", a swedish site, translated "Cheris graphics", where I offered free graphics made with tubes.

It didnt take long until I discovered pixelgraphics, and this I just had to try. In september 2002 I started a new site called "Baby bOOm graphics", also this a swedish site. I had now left the tubes behind and pixeled all graphics myselfe. At the same time I had discovered dollz, with my new addiction I also started a dollz site named "fantasia". The dollz I think, was what made me fall in love with pixels, there was like millions of dollz sites, and so many great pixelartists, they challenged me to keep on pixeling and inspired me everyday to want to get as good as the best pixelartists (Im still hunting after you )

Now I found the country graphic sites. Well, this was pixels as I know it but softer and cuter. I just fell in love with these webgraphics, they were so cute and girly, just what I like! I waited a long time before I opened up the gates to Lil Home Studio. It took me forever before I felt my graphics was good enough to take place in the country graphic community, when I finally did it was February 2004. Lil Home Studio was my baby for the first year, I had so much fun with the site! It opened up so many oppertunities for me, I got a lot of graphic and web offers I loved working with and I met so many new amazing internet friends. And I finally decided to get back to school, I took some webdesign and multimedia classes, and after this I took some desktop publishing classes. All the time I had in mind to get knowledge of things that would make Lil Home Studio not only a better site, but also with better graphics to offer.

Lil Home Studio closed down July 1:st 2006, and Love4colors.com was born! So I welcome you here to Love4colors.com, this is an increased version of the previous site, with a lot more to offer both for pixel and country graphic users and for crafters all over the world. I hope you will enjoy your stay!

Have a wonderful day!

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