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This is an article about me and Lil Home Studio my previous site, made by a Swedish PC magazine called PC Hemma nr.6 June 2004. Unfortunatley due to copyright issues I am not alowed to display it at readable size, the only thing I can show are these scanned resized images below and some quotations I picked out of it!

The title is:
"She lives in a world of illustrations"

"What was used to be done by needles and thread are now made by Yvonne with a keyboard and a mouse.
The digital crafts has transported embroiding into the world of computers."

"Today Yvonne is creating digital crafts with pixels instead of thread."

"In front of her screen where the keyboard usually is placed she instead has a mousetablet, the keyboard is shuffed away as far as possible but still reachable. She draws with the mouse using the pentablet as a mouse-pad"

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