~ Terms of use ~

~*Linkware, purchaseware and custom made graphics*~
These terms are current for all use.

Note! By downloading anything from this site you are agreeing and are hold legally bound to these terms. This is regardless of if you have read them or not, so please for your own sake just take a minute to read the terms.
Thank you!

  • Use the graphics as they are at your non-commercial, childsafe website.
  • Print the graphics for your own use for such as, cards scrapbooking etc.
    (you may give them away as presents with the text "Artwork Đ www.love4colors.com" added)
  • Write your own text on quilts quares, buttons and banners.
  • Mix graphics from different sets to please your own taste.

  • Alter the graphics in any way, (not change the colors, reword, make new graphics by mixing several to one, not change the shapes etc.)
  • Distribute the graphics in any way for such as e-bay, mailinglists, tubes, tutorials, PSP lists, MSN or YAHOO groups, or in emails to all of the mentioned or any of the kind.
  • Sell the graphis in any form, such as candy bar wrappers, t-shirts, on CD or any of the kind.
  • Create banners, awards, tubes, email stationary, incredimail, ecards or any of the kind (internet use).
  • Use the graphics on any site where illegal/unproper stuff such as drugs, porn, racism etc. is included or in any way may be included or mentioned.
  • Remove the copyright on any graphics

  • Link back to www.love4colors.com on every page the graphics is used on (*note* page not site), and all emails and such.
  • Understand that I retain copyright even though you have bought the graphics
  • Understand that purchased graphics is for your personal use only.
  • Understand that I still hold the rights to demand you to take down the graphics if I find the site unproper or the graphics illegaly used.
  • Understand that I hold the rights to make purchase sets into link sets and vice versa if I so desire.

  • You may not add names or text to graphics without my permission, ever.

  • When receiving the graphics, if you have not displayed them at your site within a reasonable time. I will send you a reminder to do so, if you still donīt display them then I will place them on my site as linkwares adoptables without any further notice or refunds. This is not to be mean to you, this is only because I spend a lot of time working on them and I donīt want to see my graphics go to waste like that. It is also not fair to other people who might have wanted to adopt them. If your going on a trip or something and you know that you wonīt be able to upload the graphics for some time just let me know so I donīt resell them. Thank you for understanding!

  • You have to link back on the same page as the adoption is displayed, to add the name of my site is not a link... clickable please.

  • You must have an adoption shoppe! If you donīt, you must be aware of that you must let people adopt the graphic from your site if they want to, you will never have personal rights to the graphics. And that I will add a link to your site, so that people can find the graphic.

  • If you would refuse someone (who matches the Terms of use) to adopt it, I will withdraw your rights to the graphics without any refunds.

  • If you have a password protected site, you must include the log in information in your order.

  • These are adoptions, not sig-tags do not use them in emails or such.

  • After you have placed an order and recieved the purchase information you have 48 hours to pay for your adoptions. I will after 24 hours send out a reminder to you through email. If I havenīt received your payment by 24 hours after that I will have to make the adoptions available for others to purchase. If you still want it you will have to place a new order.

  • Please remember I still hold copyright, always.

Thank you for reading the terms! *Ü*